Nintendo DSi Mario Bundle Ships Tomorrow

The new Nintendo DSi Mario Bundle ships tomorrow, December 8th.  The DSi has been out for quite some time but this new bundle will sell really good because of the Mario name.  The bundle ships with 5 pre-installed Mario themed games already on the system.  These games are:

  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong™: Minis March Again: Can Mario and his Mini Marios rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong’s clutches yet again?
  • Dr. Mario™ Express: Mario once again dons his stethoscope to battle the forces of illness in this downloadable version of the classic puzzle game.
  • WarioWare™: Snapped!: Wario™ returns with more manic action made especially for the Nintendo DSi system. WarioWare: Snapped! uses the built-in Nintendo DSi Camera to make players the star of the show by placing them right into fast-paced mini-games.
  • Mario™ Calculator: Mario and Luigi™ take a break from their normal adventures to dedicate their heroic talents to working with numbers.
  • Mario™ Clock: Mario Clock includes both analog and digital clocks that use the system’s internal clock or allow you to offset the time however you like.

Sounds like a pretty sweet bundle.  ESRB Price is $169.99 and if you order from Gamestop you can use the promo code, 3DAYDSI, to get free 3 day shipping.  Or you can walk to Gamestop and get it on the spot and shred a few calories too =p

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