Top 5 Gadgets For Christmas

It’s that time of the year again!  Christmas is just around the corner and we have your top 5 Christmas gadgets that your geek will love!  Check it out.

5. Windows 7

Windows 7 was just released and is definitely a breath of fresh air from Vista.  Vista had tons of problems and Microsoft hit the ball out of the park with Windows 7.  Some claimed features of Windows 7 is improved battery life for laptops, memory improvements in Internet Explorer 8, connecting all your PC’s in the house, new user features and many, many more.  Your PC companion will definitely appreciate this gift.

4. Zune HD

Apple sure does rule the PMP industry huh?  Microsoft recently released the new Zune HD which has been compared by many as the real big competitor to the iPod Touch.  The big advantage of the Touch is the massive App Store but if your not really into wasting your time on pointless apps the Zune HD wins against the iPod Touch in so many ways.  The new UI is definitely a change from the Apple UI and the music listening is crystal clear and HD Radio is a plus if you like that kind of stuff.  But if you do want apps then you need the iPod Touch because the Zune HD app selection is pathetic.

3. Xbox 360

It’s already been out a couple of years but the Xbox 360 is still the best console to have.  Xbox Live connects millions of users and you’ll never play alone again.  Top that off with Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and all on your Xbox you will never have to turn it off.  Top the 360 off with a one year subscription to Xbox Live and you will have one happy geek.

2. Amazon Kindle

The new e-reader from amazon is the future.  Even myself, who doesn’t like to read to much, wants to get this product very badly.  It will definitely help you read more because it’s lightweight, carries thousands of books, and is intuitive.  It’s ultra thin and will turn heads.  Download full books within minutes and never have to kill a tree again.  You can also read your local newspaper on your kindle.

1. Apple iPod Touch

You knew it was coming didn’t you?  Yes the Apple iPod Touch reigns supreme again and is the number one gift that everyone wants this holiday season.  With the thousands of apps it can’t be beat.  All this bad boy needs is a camera and you won’t need to buy a single gadget again.  But you don’t need the iPhone.  This does all the same things and whoever you are getting this for already has a phone that calls and texts.  Stick with this.

Honorable Mentions:  PSP Go, PS3, Wii, OLED TV, GPS Navigation System

*Additional Charges Apply

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